Two weeks ago, I took Madi and a classmate to the pool. I was warned that T may not be excited to play in the pool. But thanks to the power that is peer pressure, they played for an hour and a half. During that time, T convinced Madi that she could float. And suddenly, she was. They took turns floating like a starfish with my assistance. I was amazed.

Today we returned to the pool, but T's older brother came and T was completely occupied with him. Madi was quite upset at being ignored. But at some point she started having fun on her own. She kept trying to see how long she could go without touching the bottom. She found she could float underwater. Then she began propelling herself forward. With her goggles, she didn't seem to mind going under, nor getting her face wet, nor water in her ears. While I sat talking to T's mom, she figured out how to swim underwater.

We are so ready for the waterslide. I can't wait! 


Madeline has learned all sorts of important things at summer camp:
-how to jump off a swing
-how to make fart noises with her hands
-how to do a cartwheel
-how to go across the monkey bars
-some new jokes
-some new slang for penis

Overall, I think it's been a good first half of the summer. Five weeks of camp left!

first Nutcracker

I took Madeline to her second ballet. She has the attention span for it. And she LOVED it. So much so, that when it ended and the lights came on, she burst into tears and said she didn't want to leave. She cried down the hall, across the parking lot and the whole ride home. It wasn't past her bedtime, but I guess the excitement and anticipation for the whole day wore her down.

the ski lesson

We took Madeline to Eldora today for a ski lesson.  When it ended she didn't to leave.  She showed us what she learned and then said, "come on, let's get on the lift."  I took that as a good sign, although we had to deal with the wails of a child denied when we told her we had to leave.

As she crawled into bed, "I wish I was still skiing."

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I painted Madeline's fingernails and toenails last night.  She is thrilled.

I need to remember how to be delighted with something so simple.