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The Arnolds


Two weeks ago, I took Madi and a classmate to the pool. I was warned that T may not be excited to play in the pool. But thanks to the power that is peer pressure, they played for an hour and a half. During that time, T convinced Madi that she could float. And suddenly, she was. They took turns floating like a starfish with my assistance. I was amazed.

Today we returned to the pool, but T's older brother came and T was completely occupied with him. Madi was quite upset at being ignored. But at some point she started having fun on her own. She kept trying to see how long she could go without touching the bottom. She found she could float underwater. Then she began propelling herself forward. With her goggles, she didn't seem to mind going under, nor getting her face wet, nor water in her ears. While I sat talking to T's mom, she figured out how to swim underwater.

We are so ready for the waterslide. I can't wait! 

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